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Laminadora en Caliente NEOLAM 1650/M


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Easy of use: Keyboard control and display of the media thickness. Easy-media

loading and positioning. Motor-driven winding of the upper roll protective material.

Tilting feeding table to make the media easy to load. Adjustment  through

tensioning of the laminating media.


Heated upper and lower roller: 45°C (113° F) for cold lamination from 0° C

to 120°C (248° F) for hot lamination. Great performaces: eyboard control and

display of the upper and lower roller temperatures. 0/45°C (113° F)

(cold lamination) and from 0 to120° C (248° F) (hot encapsulation).


Silicone rollers diameter  100 mm. Electronic keyboard control and display

of roller speed. Safety: foot pedal control for  hands-free operation. Global

safety system with emergency stop and optical safety protection with

self-check. Display and signaling of anomalies. EC certificate. Other

features: Limited sizes, stand with locking swivel wheels. Silent mechanical